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Alistair Anderson

Concertina Player, Northumberland, North East England

Concertina Workshop

2008 - Free Reed   (orig. release 1974 Topical Records)

Still regarded as the leading tutor for the English Concertina this CD and the linked book, which can be downloaded from the Free Reed web site (Concertina Workshop PDF), combines a straightforward listening role with a real insight into the instrument and traditional music.

Originally released as part of the Topic-Free Reed series of concertina-related LPs (many now on Free Reed CDs as The Clare Set – AnClar-06) this delightful feast of tunes and songs from the Northumbrian concertina maestro and High Level Ranter Alistair Anderson serves a dual purpose: It's a great record for listening to, like any other – but – its companion Book, (now available on-line), is a tutor for all who wish to learn the 'English' system concertina, and the 28 traditional tunes on the CD serve as ideal exercises for learners! With erudite notes from A L Lloyd, and consummate playing from Ali and friends, it's a rare musical treat!

  1. The Dancing Tailor/O'Carolan's Fancy/The Blarney Pilgrim
  2. The Barrington Hornpipe/The Cliff Hornpipe
  3. The Recruited Collier
  4. Sir Sidney Smith's March
  5. The Flannel Jacket/The Scholar
  6. Joe Burke's Hornpipe/The Fairy Queen
  7. Jenny Linn Polka
  8. The One Horned Sheep/Turnpike Side/The Sunbeam
  9. Admiral Cole
  10. Derwentwater's Farewell/Jimmy Allen/The Herd on the Hill
  11. The King's Favourite/The Tipsy Sailor
  12. The Aith Rant/Framm upon Him/Da South End
  13. The Fateful Head/The Randy Wives of Greenlaw/John McNeil's Reel
  14. Kick The World Before You/Come Upstairs With Me/The Malt Man Comes on Monday


Concertina Workshop CD cover - click for larger version
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