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Alistair Anderson

Concertina Player, Northumberland, North East England


2002 - Provocteur Records

  1. Ancient Dreams
  2. In All Languages
  3. Midnight
  4. Twelve Midnight
  5. Midnight Air
  6. Midnight Reel
  7. Stlli Waters
  8. Dark Blue
  9. HopScotch

Annie Whitehead: Trombone
Alistair Anderson : English Concertina
Chris Stout: Violin
Ian Maidman: Guitar
Liam Genockey: Drums


Airplay CD cover - click for larger version
Post & Packaging

Bath International Music Festival commissioned Anderson and jazz trombonist Annie Whitehead to work together exploring the jazz/folk interface. The resulting work – Airplay – was chosen by the Arts Council Contemporary Touring Network to tour the country from Southampton to Shetland. The CD was released on cutting edge jazz label Provocateur.

“A lyrically graceful, tenderly thoughtful release that grows more satisfying with every listen” - Jazzwise