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Alistair Anderson

Concertina Player, Northumberland, North East England


1990 - Black Crow Records

  1. Spootiskerry
  2. The Trip To Windsor
  3. Hedgehope Hill / A Wife Of My Own Play MP3 Sample
  4. East Winds / The Iron Bridge
  5. Noble Squire Dacre / Go To Berwick Johnny
  6. Joe Scurfield's Favourite / Cheviot Blast
  7. Midnight On The Water
  8. The Humours Of Spennymoor / Cul Aòdh Jig
  9. The Shipley Set Play MP3 Sample
  10. The Quayside / Blaydon Flats
  11. Windy Gyle

Alistair Anderson : English Concertina, Northumbrian Pipes
Penny Callow : Cello,
Ian Carr : Guitar
Martin Dunn : Flute, Whistle, Piccolo
Chuck Fleming : Fiddle, Mandolin


Syncopace CD cover - click for larger version
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“Syncopace draws on the energy of traditional music and expands it with a constantly changing kaleidoscope of sounds – one moment a lyrical cello counterpoint, next a driving riff as cello and guitar combine in complex cross rhythms underpinning the interweaving melodies of the fiddle, flute, concertina and Northumbrian pipes.”   The Evening Chronicle

“English concertina wizard Alistair Anderson has forged his own brand of crossover music in his new band Syncopace, bringing the craggy tunes of the North East in from the cold to be recycled into a rich counterpoint. ... Anderson has produced a thoroughbred.”   The Guardian